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Plant IP Partners presents a strongly relationship-focussed professional business.  The company brings together a wealth of plant IP experience backed by well-developed interpersonal skills, acumen, and integrity.


Working effectively in a diversity of organisations, from genuine small business, through to SME’s and corporations, Wendy is a committed advocate for efficient and effective legislative and business systems for the benefit of those who breed, develop, and commercialise new variety products. Wendy is accustomed to working in a board setting, and leading and enabling roles delivering on wide-ranging accountabilities, as well as one to one interactions. 

Excelling in enabling capacity and capability development, Wendy’s passion is to work with businesses pursuing a growth mode - where it's essential for more effective commercialisation models and strategy to deliver new outcomes. Able to understand and express legal, technical, and commercial aspects very well, Wendy brings integration of experience and know-how gained working with organisations of differing focus, scale and scope across differing business environments and jurisdictions.

Andrew has an extensive horticultural knowledge from a research, production, and commercial perspective plus significant expertise in the field of plant variety intellectual asset management.


With demonstrated depth of experience in management and governance roles, he delivers a high level of commercial acumen, lateral thinking and problem-solving ability. Highly motivated to build sustainable businesses that deliver a fair share of benefit to all stakeholders, Andrew has positively influenced the evolution of plant variety IP commercial practices internationally for more than two decades.


Using his passion and flair for the design and execution of strategy and lateral business concepts, Andrew develops innovative business propositions including production and revenue models, Requests for Proposals, joint venture proposals, and licence and trial agreements. Able to articulate complex concepts in straight forward language and style Andrew provides clarity and enables possibilities across the plant variety rights and licensing practice spectrum.

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Wendy Cashmore


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Andrew Mackenzie


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